Vista doesn’t like Enttec Opendmx usb

I have discovered that the Vista Byron 2.2 software is not compatible with

Enttec’s Opendmx usb adaptor or any other adaptor or cable not provided by Jands.

Enttec OPENDMX USB adapter


Patch : USB port of my Mac

to Enttec Opendmx USB blue box

to Anytronics Quad Pro-Dim 10 5-pin DMX input


Vista no worky

Vista Byron 2.2 software will recognize Enttec’s adapter and even display it’s serial number

but does not provide a signal that the dimmer unit will recognize, as indicated by the absence of yellow LED


Q Light works

Q Light Controller is free DMX software available at

This simple software has an intuitive interface

It allowed me to easily create a software “fixture” with 4 channels of dimmers

assign it to Universe 1

and output a signal to control it through Enttec’s blue box

The yellow LED of the dimmer went on as soon as I plugged it in

 and I was able to dim immediately