Received today
Mac Man Dimmer 4

Received this 4-channel dimmer today. I bought it to do DMX programming on the road. It cost 105 Euros

ETC Source Four fixture


Found on Alcorn McBride Inc: How can I create a candle flicker flame effect using a DMX Machine? Create several looping sequences of different lengths (i.e. 17 frames, 25 frames, 38 frames) and let them ‘argue’ over the value to…

Q Light Controller – free DMX software

This free software is very elegant, powerful and intuitive. In a matter of minutes I was able to create a fixture, assign it to a universe, and start fading. Worth looking into. And it’s free! Download it here

Example of fixture with many channels

  This Varilight has 19 channels Note that the Pan, Tilt and Gobo functions have 2 channels each, for 16 bits of granularity Also, oddly, color is defined by Blue Amber and Magenta, instead of, say Cyan Yellow and Magenta,…